Data Highlight: Enabling Organic Electronics

Organic electronic devices are being found in more and more consumer devices, from OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) in smartphones, to OPVs (organic photovoltaics) for future flexible and inexpensive solar panels. The organic semiconductors that drive these devices are an active area of research, one that Citrine has started to support with new datasets such as the recently uploaded 1-D diffusion length and bandgap sets below. 

Organic Seminconductor Exciton Diffusion Lengths and Diffusion Coefficients 

Organic Semiconductor HOMO/LUMO/Transition State/Bandgap and Photoluminescence/Phosphorescence Lifetime Data Set 

Many thanks go out to Alex Mikhnenko, a Post-Doc in the Nguyen Group in UC Santa Barbara’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, for contributing both of these fantastic datasets.