Data Highlight: Lithium ion battery electrode materials

Energy storage in the form of Li-ion batteries has become commonplace in our electronic devices and is now enabling transportation, being found in dozens of different car models. Research groups around the world are pushing the materials used for these batteries to improve capacity and cyclability. With hundreds of publications showcasing the latest electrode material performance improvements, it can be difficult to assess the state of these materials from performance and natural resource perspectives. The recent work of Leila Ghadbeigi, Jaye Harada, Bethany Lettier, and Professor Taylor Sparks, published in Energy & Environmental Science earlier this year, analyzes over 16,000 data points from 200+ publications to shed light on cutting edge data-driven battery material design. The authors have made this extensive dataset available to the public, and Jaye Harada has worked with the Citrine team to make these data readily searchable on the Citrination platform. Check it out