My Internship Experience at Citrine

For a materials science student with a background in computer science, finding somewhere to combine work in these two fields is already an uncommon opportunity. Applying machine learning and data mining techniques to answer questions in materials science has been an opportunity that is really unique to Citrine. The projects that I’ve worked on have paired materials intuition with an understanding of data science and machine learning to build models for various material properties. This goes hand in hand with learning how to visualize and communicate machine learning results to people in the materials science field who can be unfamiliar with machine learning concepts. In addition to various modeling projects, I’ve also been able to contribute to the continued development of our in-house machine learning infrastructure. Working as an intern in a small, fast-moving team has been especially rewarding as projects I’ve worked on actually see the light of day. Work that I’ve done has been delivered to customers, and demo’d to investors and potential customers. It has been an honor and a rush to be able to work at Citrine as we try to fundamentally change how data is used in the field of materials science.