Learn Citrination to generate a useful data analysis

In this Learn Citrination tutorial, we’re going to learn to use Citrination to generate a useful data analysis called t-SNE. This data visualization technique enables you to represent a high dimensional set of data in fewer dimensions in a way that preserves the local structure of the data. In materials informatics, this allows you to create a two-dimensional plot of a set of materials where points corresponding to similar materials are grouped together in two-dimensional space. More information on t-SNE here.

This tutorial will teach you to create and export a two-dimensional t-SNE plot for any data on Citrination. The first step is to create a data view on the Citrination. Instructions for creating a data view can be found in this tutorial.

We’ll be using this data view: https://citrination.com/data_views/787 (view id 787) for this tutorial, which includes a model predicting experimental band gaps based on data compiled by W.H. Strehlow and E.L. Cook, which can be viewed in this dataset.

See the full tutorial notebook with step-by-step instructions here.

– E Antono, Citrine Research