NextGen Fellows

2017 Citrine NextGen Fellows

Navneeth Babra
Affiliation: University of Maryland
Research Focus: Synthesis and design of functional inorganic materials
NextGen Project: Optimizing hydrothermal synthesis of layered chalcogenides and monitoring structural changes of perovskites due to chemical combustion cycling.
Faculty Advisor: Professor Efrain Rodriguez



Kevin Cruse
Affiliation: University of Illinois
Research Focus: Surface phenomena and transport properties of materials
NextGen Project: Studying conductivity in disordered perovskites for SOEC/SOFC applications as well as surface analysis of TiO2 nanosheets.
Faculty Advisor: Professor Elif Ertekin



Vanessa Meschke
Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research Focus: Atomoic scale modeling to assist in the design of new materials
NextGen Project: Predicting metallic alloys’ ability to form bulk glasses through data mining and machine learning and implementing a clustering algorithm with Citrination.
Faculty Advisor: Professor Dane Morgan



Konrad Serbinowski
Affiliation: University of Utah
Research Focus: Discovery and synthesis of new materials for energy applications
NextGen Project: Using data mining to discover novel thermoelectric materials and design new superhard materials
Faculty Advisor: Professor Taylor Sparks