Data Science Internship

Citrine’s Data Scientists have exceptional physical science and machine learning background. The Data Science team is passionate about leveraging Citrine’s tremendous quantity of materials and chemical data to solve what were once multi-year problems in a matter of weeks. Our Data Scientists draw upon their deep domain expertise and then apply a rigorous statistical lens to deliver data-driven models.

Citrine offers Data Science internship opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students at our headquarters in Redwood City, CA. The internship allows students with an interest in the materials and chemical data fields to work alongside our talented Data Science team.

Specific Responsibilities

-Applying Citrine’s machine learning framework to solve applied problems in materials science, chemistry, and manufacturing
-Proactive engagement with Citrine’s machine learning infrastructure team to ensure that they are building capabilities that are most impactful for customers and our applied data science initiatives
-Contributing to capability development that will strengthen the feedback loop between scientific domain knowledge (human expertise, known physical relationships, etc.) and Citrine’s machine learning framework
-Publishing peer-reviewed papers and other case studies demonstrating the capabilities of Citrine’s platform

Skills & Requirements

– Software development capabilities in Scala/Java, C++, or Python (in order of preference)
-Demonstrated ability to strengthen scientific teams and collaborations with proactive, concise, and insightful communication
-Prior experience with Apache Spark (preferred) or other widely-used machine learning frameworks
-Experience working in a shared codebase with git
-Understanding of all steps involved in applied data science, including building training sets via API calls, data cleaning, algorithm selection, cross-validation, and communication of results
-Proven ability to communicate the results of machine learning modeling to audiences who are not machine learning experts

To apply, please submit a statement of interest through our Contact Us form.