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Overcoming data scarcity with transfer learning
M Hutchinson, E Antono, B Gibbons, S Paradiso, J Ling, B Meredig
arXiv preprint arXiv: 1711.05099

Materials Data Infrastructure and Materials Informatics
J Hill, A Mannodi-Kanakkithodi, R Raprasad, B Meredig
Materials Data Infrastructure and Materials Informatics. In: Shin D., Saal J. (eds) Computational Materials System Design. Springer, Cham (2018)

Building Data-driven Models with Microstructural Images: Generalization and Interpretability
J LingM HutchinsonE Antono, B DeCost, E Holm, B Meredig
arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.00404

High-Dimensional Materials and Process Optimization using Data-driven Experimental Design with Well-Calibrated Uncertainty Estimates
J Ling, M Hutchinson, E Antono, S Paradiso, and B Meredig
arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.07423, 2017

Robust FCC solute diffusion predictions from ab-initio machine learning methods
H Wu, A Lorenson, B Anderson, L Witteman, H Wu, B Meredig, and D Morgan
Computational Materials Science, June 2017

Industrial materials informatics: Analyzing large-scale data to solve applied problems in R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain
B Meredig
Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, June 2017

Data-driven Adaptive Physics Modeling for Turbulence Simulations
J Ling and A Kurzawski
23rd AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, AIAA AVIATION Forum 2017

A Priori Assessment of Prediction Confidence for Data-Driven Turbulence Modeling
JL Wu, JX Wang, H Xiao, and J Ling 
Turbulence and Combustion, March 2017

High-Throughput Machine-Learning-Driven Synthesis of Full-Heusler Compounds
A Oliynik, E Antono, T Sparks, L Ghadbeigi, M Gaultois, B Meredig, A Mar
Chemistry of Materials, September 2016

Beyond bulk single crystals: A data format for all materials structure–property–processing relationships
K Michel and B Meredig
MRS Bulletin, August 2016

Materials Data Infrastructure: A Case Study of the Citrination Platform to Examine Data Import, Storage, and Access
J O’Mara, B Meredig, K Michel
JOM, 2016

Materials science with large-scale data and informatics: Unlocking new opportunities
J Hill, G Mulholland, K Persson, R Seshadri, C Wolverton, B Meredig
MRS Bulletin, May 2016

Perspective: Materials informatics across the product lifecycle: Selection, manufacturing, and certification
G Mulholland and S Paradiso
APL Materials, 2016

Data mining our way to the next generation of thermoelectrics
T Sparks, M Gaultois, A Oliynyk, J Brgoch, B Meredig
Scripta Materialia, January 2016

Perspective: Web-based machine learning models for real-time screening of thermoelectric materials properties
M Gaultois, A Oliynyk, A Mar, T Sparks, G Mulholland, B Meredig
APL Materials, 2016

Understanding thermoelectric properties from high-throughput calculations: trends, insights, and comparisons with experiment
W Chen, JH Pöhls, G Hautier, D Broberg, S Bajaj, U Aydemir, Z Gibbs, H Zhu, M Asta, GJ Snyder, B Meredig, M White, K Persson, A Jain
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2016